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Boys and Girls Club of Freeport & Stephenson County

Board of Directors

Name Affiliation Position On Board E-mail Address
Mark Helm HelmGroup Board Member mhelm@bgcfreeport.org
Lynn McDermott FSD Board Member lmcdermott@bgcfreeport.org
Ronnie Bush FSD Board Member rbush@bgcfreeport.org
Denise Book FHN Vice-President dbook@bgcfreeport.org
Duane Meighan FSD Board Member dmeighan@bgcfreeport.org
Pat Norman FSD Secretary pnorman@bgcfreeport.org
Dr.Joe Kanosky HCC Board Member jkanosky@bgcfreeport.org
Ted Odendahl Diamond Bros. Ins. President todendahl@bgcfreeport.org
Rebecca Motley Greater Freeport Board Member rmotley@bgcfreeport.org
Pete Servatius Modern Plating Board Member pservatius@bgcfreeport.org
Ryan Shirley FHN Board Member rshirley@bgcfreeport.org
Todd Barkalow FPD Board Member tbarkalow@bgcfreeport.org
Rev. Adron Simmons Pastor Board Member asimmons@bgcfreeport.org
Martha Furst Furst Mcness Board Member mfurst@bgcfreeport.org